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The Daiquiri Cocktail, made with Cuban rum, sugar lime, is one of the three main rum cocktail beloved by the world over & one of the synonymous drinks that most people around the world know as a ‘cocktail’ in the modern era. We make fun of guests ordering ‘Strawberry Daiquiris’ as well as any other fruit that gets thrown in that blender yet in Floridita in Havana thats still how they do it…

It is difficult to know for certain the circumstances surrounding the birth of the Daiquiri Cocktail. However, many agree on its creator, Jennings Stockton Cox & its birthplace, the iron mines of Daiquiri in Cuba. The American engineer, who came to Daiquiri following the American-Spanish war of 1898, established a Bacardi ration for the workers in the iron mines. Later, using ingredients available to him, he experimented with different blends to finally produce a Daiquiri.

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